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Please note that we only have openings for the positions listed below. If you are a high school student interested in research, we encourage you to check out Stanford's high school programs.


Stanford undergraduates can assist in a variety of projects primarily investigating early literacy and executive functioning. Undergraduate research assistants may be involved in participant recruitment, data collection (EEG and psychometric assessment), data entry and management, analysis, and literature reviews. RAs are expected to participate in weekly lab meetings.

If you are interested in joining the lab as a research assistant, please complete the undergraduate RA application. When we foresee an opening, we review the applications and invite those who are good matches to meet with us if they remain interested in the lab.

Prospective Doctoral Students

Prospective PhD students interested in working with Professor McCandliss should apply to the Developmental and Psychological Science (DAPS) area within the Graduate School of Education (GSE). You can read more about the GSE's admissions process here. It is also possible to join the lab by applying to the Neuroscience Graduate Training program. You can read more about applying for the Neurosciences PhD Program here.

Prospective students are welcomed and encouraged to express interest and contact the lab in advance of applying. Feel free to drop an informal conversational note here, expressing your interest in the lab, to start a conversation of how your ideas, interests, and aspirations might fit within our group. In your email, please include your CV/resume and a short description of how your educational and research experience aligns with the lab’s mission.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Prospective postdocs should contact Skyler Castillo-Wilson, Director of Research, describing a specific line of investigation relevant to the research goals of the lab. In your message, please also include your expected postdoctoral start date. You can read more on Stanford’s postdoc-related topics (e.g. housing, benefits, visas, etc.) here.