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Help us learn how kids' brains change with learning!

Our studies involve methods including:

  • Reading assessments 
  • Computer- or tablet-based tasks
  • "Brainwave" sessions using EEG

Child Studies

Child studies occur at the Brainwave Learning Center (Synapse School, Menlo Park, CA), or at our Stanford University lab.

We do not have ongoing child studies at this time.

Adult Studies

Adult studies occur at our Stanford University lab.

If you wish to participate in our studies for pay, please register through the Stanford Psychology department's paid participant pool.

If you are a Stanford student interested in participating for academic credit, please register through the credit pool instead. 

‚ÄčOur studies (and other Stanford studies) will be posted in the system as they become available. 

We do not have ongoing adult studies at this time.



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