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Ed Neuro Team Members at Athena Academy

School Partnerships

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Our goal is to build deep relationships between cognitive neuroscience researchers and members of local schools so that we can more effectively explore how brain activity is transformed through learning experiences, and how those insights can, in turn, enrich how we experience education.

Brainwave Learning Center at Synapse School

The Brainwave Learning Center (BLC) is a collaboration with Synapse School, an independent K-8 school in Menlo Park, CA. The BLC is aimed at curriculum support for teachers, unique neuroscience learning opportunities, and leading-edge scientific research on the developing mind and brain, which is conducted in our on-site EEG lab.

BLC Website

Athena Academy

We've partnered with Athena Academy, a school in Palo Alto dedicated to educating children with dyslexia.

Athena Website