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Selected Publications

Academic Publications

Strauber, C. B., Ali, L. R., Fujioka, T., Thille, C., McCandliss, B. D. (2021). Replicability of neural responses to speech accent is driven by study design and analytical parameters. Sci Rep, 11. [Link]

Kohler, P. J., Barzegaran, E., Norcia, A. M., McCandliss, B. D. (submitted). Parietal contributions to abstract numerosity measured with steady state visual evoked potentials. [Preprint]

Santhana Gopalan, P. R., Loberg, O., Lohvansuu, K., McCandliss, B. D., Hämäläinen, J ., & Leppänen, P. (2020). Attentional processes in children with attentional problems or reading difficulties as revealed using brain event-related potentials and their source localization. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience,  14. [Link]

Other Media

April 13, 2020. Article in Trend Magazine by Bruce McCandliss and Elizabeth Toomarian. Putting Neuroscience in the Classroom: How the Brain Changes As We Learn.

March 18, 2020. Podcast Episode featuring Bruce McCandliss on Science of Reading: The Podcast.